Do It Myself Canvas

As luck would have it, I came into possession of a 5 foot wide by 15 foot piece of raw canvas. I had always wanted to stretch my own canvas, so now was my chance. I still needed a few other things. My goal is to create art as inexpensively as possible and with as much hands on as possible. I imbibes a bit more of my soul into each piece. I also wanted to make my own Gesso. Gesso, in case you don’t know is a sort of sizing that goes on canvas so that the image paint has something solid and permanent to hang on to. Hopefully for centuries. I also needed to some pretty straight and clear wood for the frame that would support my stretched canvas. I have lumber milled by some Amish people, from logs procured right here on the Island. I would be be cutting and planing the lumber to the right size for the frame I needed. Gesso is basically glue with filler (plaster) and pigment (paint) added to it so not really rocket science from what I could see. I’ve been assembling all these pieces. I just need to get the wood frame and then I’m ready to go. Stay tuned.

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